Evolution of the streets

Branding/E-commerce/Local SEO


It is not every day you’re approached by up and coming new product in the market, but sometimes, lightning strikes at the right time for the right agency.

A full service manufacturer of a quality new e-Scooter, was looking for an agency to help realise their vision of bringing a factory ready product to market.

Become the HYBRID

The company had a name and a product. We were brought into the mix, to help become their full service marketing agency. We helped to establish an entirely new brand, wrapped around an already existing product.

PWD was responsible for not only branding, but the creation of all marketing, messaging, digital advertising and packaging. In addition, we art directed video production and multimedia advertising.

PWD was able to start this process right, by creating a dynamic hype campaign to support the product as it move into the market. With the ability to monitor UX from the consumer side, we were able help bring this dynamic product onto the streets where it truly belongs.

Journey of discovery

“ Branding is a large part of creating a dynamic voice, and without a voice, a product will be considered stale in the market. Understanding a users experience both online and in the market, is key to creating that voice.”