Technical SEO Services

Search engines are constantly evolving and implementing new standards for websites to abide by to increase rankings. As such, it's important to focus on improving your technical SEO. Technical SEO services are essential for your business to ensure your website is search-engine friendly.

Search engines crawl your website each time it updates to determine whether your site follows standard SEO practices. This means you need industry-leading experts in technical (on-site) search engine optimisation.

At PWD, we can build your website from scratch while applying the best SEO practices in every element of your website. We also offer on-site SEO audit services for your existing website, improving aspects to increase your organic ranking.

What Is Technical (On-site) SEO?

Technical search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring your website meets the constantly changing requirements of search engines. These requirements relate to the structure of your website, the various coding elements, and if the site offers a good user experience.

Search engines need to be able to easily crawl and index your website to increase your search engine rankings. The crawlers visiting your site evaluate multiple elements - most of which you can’t see.

While our SEO specialists can set up your SEO for you, you also need to have a good digital content marketing strategy in place. This digital marketing plan should include SEO strategies to ensure good content and image optimisation.

Technical SEO Optimisation

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Consistency Is Key

With a consistent SEO strategy in place, you will start to rise up the ranks and it will become easier for customers to find your site online. So, having good search engine rankings drives traffic to your site. Then, if you offer a good user experience, you can boost your conversion rate.

This will depend on your site’s load speed, page speed, whether it is mobile-friendly, and how relevant and helpful your site is. The structure of your site will determine these elements, which is why you need a technical SEO expert to conduct an SEO audit and see where you need to improve.

While implementing on-page SEO is important for your site, it is also essential that your site doesn’t contain technical errors. Your site could be removed from search engines if you have intentional or unintentional technical errors.

When enlisting the help of a technical SEO consultant, they will complete a full technical SEO audit on your website. This will help them evaluate how easy it is for a search engine to crawl and index your website.

How Search Engines Determine Rankings

Before getting into the details of technical SEO, here's a brief overview of how search engines rank websites. This will give you an understanding of why conducting a technical SEO audit is important and why you need to boost your SEO performance.


Crawling is when a search engine, such as Google, sends out a bot to crawl through your website code and content. The aim is to ensure the website is relevant for users in terms of technical aspects and content. It also picks up whether you offer a good user experience.

These bots look out for several things including a good site structure and proper coding practices. It also checks for bad SEO practices. This crawling process determines whether your page should be indexed on the search engine.

Search engines will rank your website if it meets the requirements. These include fast page speeds, a good XML sitemap, and several other page elements. Any crawl errors may slow your website down and even lead to your site not appearing in organic search results.

This will severely affect your site’s visibility and prevent customers from finding you online. This is one of the reasons you need to ensure your site is crawlable with the help of technical SEO services from our SEO specialists at PWD.


Once the bots have crawled the entire structure of your website, the search engine will determine whether it will be indexed in their database or not. If your site is indexed, it will show up more easily on the search engines results page (SERP).


Search engines conduct indexing to provide relevant data to search queries. Whenever you type in a query into the search bar, the indexed websites with the most relevant and useful information relating to the query will appear.

Searchers usually only click on the top results. So, if your site is not there, it is unlikely that your target audience will find it.

If the bots find multiple errors while crawling your site, you could be penalized with a lower search engine ranking or even be omitted entirely from the search results. So, it is vital to make sure your website's technical SEO is up to scratch!

How Does Technical SEO Work?

Technical SEO services help to make sure all the technical aspects of your site are up to standard. Our technical SEO consultant will complete a full SEO audit on your site.

When our SEO specialist works on your site, they will consider the coding elements and the XML sitemap of the website to evaluate how you're ranking on Google. By conducting an audit, we can see where to improve your search engine optimisation and digital strategy.

Here is what we will look at and how technical SEO works.

The website architecture is the structure of your site and is an important part of technical SEO. This hierarchical site structure creates an XML sitemap of your pages to give an overview of your site.

If your structure is disjointed and too complex, Google will have problems crawling your site. If you have a flat and organised structure, it is more likely your site will be indexed. This is especially important for e-commerce sites containing multiple product pages.

Clean site architecture enables users to easily navigate and find the content they are looking for. As such, it can lead to higher conversion rates. Search engines love a happy user and you can help by ensuring a user-friendly experience.

If the internal linking structure is not clear and clean, users will have trouble navigating your website. Search engines will penalize this drawback.

Our technical SEO experts at PWD will create a well-structured site for you. We follow SEO best practices to ensure complete optimisation for your online business when you choose our technical SEO services.

HTML coding is the main component of your website’s structure. It is the backbone of the site. It includes elements such as headings, body content, meta-tags, image alt tags, and the internal linking structure.

The bots crawl your site’s HTML to determine whether the content is relevant for user’s search queries. If your HTML is up to standard and relevant, your site will be higher in the search engine rankings. This will boost your organic traffic.

Whenever you make changes to your site’s content or HTML structure, it could affect your website's ranking. If there are mistakes in the coding, it could lead to crawl errors. In addition, if your site contains any duplicate content, it could also negatively affect your page rankings.

PWD's technical SEO experts will help fix up any coding issues to prevent bad SEO practices. By hiring a qualified SEO company for technical SEO services and an audit, you can ensure that you have no errors affecting your performance. This is the best way to get your pages moving up the search engine rankings so that your business can gain more customers! So, get in touch with us at PWD for complete website SEO services.

The CSS coding determines the appearance of your website such as the colours, fonts, and other design elements. The introduction of CSS to website development created a way to design stylish sites without lumping the styling elements into the HTML code.

However, this gave way to another element of technical SEO requiring attention from a technical SEO expert. If your CSS structure is not SEO-friendly, your site may be penalized.

Storing style directives within CSS rather than HTML helps shorten load times. Compressing these files will create an even quicker load time for the pages on your site.

Using CSS can help developers create a content-heavy site for you while reducing the amount of coding. However, you should have the help of a technical SEO company as hidden links in CSS directives can get your website scrapped from Google’s index.

JavaScript is the coding on your website that creates interactive and dynamic elements. It is also one of the trickiest elements of technical SEO - leaving a lot of room for error.

Search engines don’t view JavaScript elements the same way a user does. When we see an interactive animation on the screen, the crawlers see a lot of complicated coding. This is why a developer must code correctly when using JavaScript language.

What’s The Difference Between On-site (Technical) SEO And Off-site SEO?

Interested in optimising your website using SEO best practices? Then you should consider on-site, technical, and off-site SEO to drive traffic to your site.

The various types of SEO each have their function and implementing all three will produce the best results. With a complete SEO strategy, you can increase your ranking and drive organic traffic to your site.

Our SEO services in Perth will help you devise a comprehensive strategy for complete optimisation. Contact us today!

On-site Technical SEO

Any SEO practices completed on your website will fall into the on-site category. This includes technical SEO, such as coding practices and site architecture, and on-page SEO, such as content and image optimisation.

At PWD, we offer on-site SEO services to create a better user experience, search performance, and speed optimisation to increase your conversion rates.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is actions taken outside of your website that affect your search engine ranking. This can include digital marketing campaigns, Google ads, and backlinks from other websites.

While many websites are concerned about internal SEO practices on the website, off-site SEO elements are important too. These do not merely include other websites linking to your content, but even a mention of your brand on another site helps.

When high authority websites link to or mention your site, this tells Google your page contains relevant and quality content. So, it provides a reason to give your website a good search engine ranking. You can also improve your off-site SEO through social media, link building, and strengthening your online reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The three main types of SEO include technical, on-site, and off-site SEO. The first two are conducted on the website itself. Technical SEO manages the structure and coding of your site. On-site SEO deals with the content found on your website. Off-site SEO is any element outside of your website that helps improve your website SEO rating. For example, backlinks from social media to your site.

Since technical SEO enhances the backbone of your site, it should be a high priority. If your technical SEO is not up to standard, your site may not be indexed on SERPs. This will leave your website undiscoverable to your target audience.

Yes, technical SEO audits require an in-depth knowledge of various coding languages and best practices. Hiring a leading technical SEO company gives you peace of mind that your website will rank high on the SERPs.

There are several tools you can use as a site owner to track your site’s SEO. A highly rated one to use is the Google Search Console. This platform provides you with tools to check the SEO health of your website. It provides a detailed report of your website’s search engine ranking opportunities.

At PWD, our technical SEO services cover everything. We make sure no stone is left unturned so that we can optimise all aspects of your website. With our help, you can rise up the search engine ranks and start driving more traffic to your business. Contact us today for more information about our technical SEO services.