The First Hike Project

The First Hike Project

Web design

Welcome to Country

There’s no better way to connect to a new country than by being surrounded by it’s pure beauty and welcoming arms. This amazing opportunity to help bring this incredible cause to light, will always be one of the agency’s biggest highlights to date.

__Welcome is simple. __

The unity of the journey connects us in ways that couldn’t be imagined. Everyone gets the same amount of tired

Everyone gets the same amount of hunger - It’s by forming a sense of unity that all our differences fall away and a true connection is formed. A true sense of belonging is established in this connection.

Movement & Messaging

Through narrative story telling the experience is revealed. Creating an approachable experience was established by producing immersive video compilation highlighting not only the experience but the ethos behind the project and its core values.

Feeling the Experience “Wilderness is a necessity … there must be places for human beings to satisfy their souls.” - John Muir

__Connection is the key __ Connecting on an emotional level. Storytelling

A true adventure awaits -