Pinarie Snacks

A fresh new digital experience for a delicious snack.

Web design/E-commerce/Search Engine Optimisation

Delicious Snacks for Everyone.

We’ve created a light, versatile and mobile friend experience for Pinarie snacks. A fully robust, e-commerce experience to make eating healthy a little easier.

The perfect UX balance for a healthy experience.

Clean, modern and vibrant. These were the attributes we strived for when designing, developing and marketing this product. We are creatively toasted, with sprinkle of functionally to keep it well balanced.

Try us out today… you won’t regret it.

Journey of discovery

“Professionally, art directed photos are a must have item. However, to enhance the user experience, there should be a good variety of photos taken amongst an environment a user can relate to, to form a real emotional connection with the product.”